Dales Machining starting in late 2016 as a small machine shop located at Zurich Ontario with the goal of producing quality product and quality work you can trust! We are constantly looking for ways to improve quality and better serve our customers. With our Cnc equipment we can achieve good accuracy and we have the ability to run large production runs. And the latest Cad Cam package we can now design and build your project.  We run production runs and prototype and one off jobs for businesses  local and businesses not so local. Also we do repair machining for the local ag community and other industries!


Our goal is to serve the customers to the best of our ability and to build a lasting relationship here in the neighbourhood and in the manufacturing industry. We strive for quality product and quality work we very much appreciate feed back from the customer on our work and product. The customer is our boss.


We serve the ag industry, industrial industry, and food industry and so forth. We do all general machining as well as spline cutting and most gearing. We will also rebuild your gearbox for you just bring it to us we’ll rebuild it.

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