On-Spec was started in late 2016 (then known as Dales Machining) as a small machine shop with the owner Dale  doing manual machining on the side after his job, doing repair machining for local farmers and local business. With his roots going back to agriculture gave him a understanding of how agriculture equipment works and how to fix it which was is a asset in repair machining. And with a passion to build new products and do new production of parts, by late 2018 he quit his other job and went full time machining. With a passion for metal working and enjoying challenges of machining and metal working.  Along with enjoying the satisfaction designing a project, building it and testing it and it actually works!!! 🙂


As demand increased the manual machines alone were not sufficient for the task and a CNC lathe was purchased shortly to follow a CNC machining center was added. Only increasing his passion for machining and metal working.  Now capable of doing production runs for large manufacturing companies across southeren Ontario and into the United States.


We strive to provide quality parts On-spec, on time and on budget. Because that’s what  our passion is.

To God Be the Glory.



December 2016

Dales Machining began with its humble beginning one small lathe and a horizontal milling machine.

March 2017

A bridgeport mill was added

October 2018

A small Cnc bridgeport mill was added. installed Linux Cnc on it

January 2019

CNC lathe was added 10″ turning Diameter and 20″ turning length greatly boosting our turning capacity for volume runs

September 2019

CNC Machining Center was added and the small bridgeport cnc was sold

40″ X travel 24″ Y travel  and a tool changer opening a whole new  door for machining

March 2020

A large manual lathe was added and the small manual lathe was sold. increasing our turning capacity to 24′ Diameter and 80″ long

August 2020

Dales Machining was changed to ON-Spec Precision Machining




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