CNC Turning

What is CNC Turning? What is Turning? The process of turning is where the work is spinning and the Machining tool is still.

Putting it in plain English it is a lathe . Most people are familiar with the old conventional lathe where you chuck a part and then spin it to turn down the material.

So now that we know what Turning is what is CNC Turning? CNC Turning machine is a machine or a lathe that is computer numerically control. Or is control by a computer.

The computer controls each move of the machine every move from size of diameters of the part and lengths of the parts. And most machine change tools automatically.

With the machine computerized makes for economical, repeatably accurate, and quick turn around for your parts.  And most parts can be programmed to run a completely unattended operation. For larger production runs. Which equals more economical parts.

At Dales Machining we can run completely unattended Turning and commonly hold .0005” tolerances on diameters.

Contact us for your next project.

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