Conversational Programming Benefits

What is conventional programming? Why is it beneficial for me to know about it?

In the following article we hope to explain conventional programming so you can understand it and also why it is good to know about it. Even if you are not a machinist by any stretch of imagination I feel it is still very good for customers to understand better what it is.

First of of all what is the difference between Cam package and conversational  programming? I thought Cam was the only real way to have my parts made to precision? Well let’s look further. Cam is indispensable and the Cnc world could not do with out it don’t get me wrong. Cam takes the 3D model with the program you can select the profiles, holes,threads, or facing operation you want to complete on the part. Then go through the setup part of your feeds and speeds, tool diameter, tool length, and all the related necessary setups to create the gcode. Like I said earlier Cam is indispensable but for some simpler parts it can be rather clumsy and slower. Conversational Programming on the other hand is a program were you either on your Cnc controller or on a separate computer you have a program were you have various question windows that you go through and answer each on of the questions. Like dimensions, hole locations, and feeds and speeds and the likes. And can program parts a lot faster on simple parts. And it is more powerful than you think. Most conversational programs are capable producing code that can: Drill, Tap, pocket (circular or rectangle), boss milling, reaming, boring, and more . Some even have some partial 3D feature included in the software.

Some companies that makes a very user friendly conversational Programming. And that we use here at Dale’s Machining are Fagor, (one that is on the Cnc controller) . Another one one that is really useful is Gwizard produce by Cnc Cookbook ( one that is on a remote computer). Alongside our Cadcam package.

Here is a link to Cnc Cookbooks article on Cam versus Conversational Programming I feel he does a lot better job at explaining it than I can yet .

G-Wizard Conversational CNC

Here is a link to the Fagor article that explains it well as well.

Click to access fagor_whitepaperconversational_programming.pdf

So why should I know about it?

1. Reduce Manufacturing Cost

How ? Bring in a 2D PDF drawing or your idea on the back of a envelope with the necessary dimensions. There is no need to spend the time to sit down at a computer with a Cad program and draw the part then run through the Cam part of the procedure. With conversational Programming on most simple parts you can be ready to machine parts within minutes. Thus save you time and money in the drawing of the part. ( remember Cadcam is indispensable in its place)

2. Flexibility

If you have high mix low volume jobs with lots of different parts that requires accuracy but are not overly complex parts. It can be easier and faster  to to switch to the next part, program,set it up and machine the next part. Which results in faster turn around time. And also can result in cost savings as well.

3. Simplicity

As was already mentioned you don’t need to come with a 3D cad file. You can come with your 2D drawing or if you have a rough sketch you can draw it up by hand and include all the dimensions it is possible for us to make your part from those dimensions.


Here at Dale’s Machining we also have a Cadcam package to be able to handle those complex parts the you need machined as well and are happy to do them. This article is intended to provide some cost saving tip and tips to help be able to provide faster turnaround time.



Dale’s Machining

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