Cnc Barpulling

Innovation! This is a word we hear regularly in the Cnc world. Part keep getting more complex more complicated. And it takes a lot of innovation to new machining strategies to keep up with the complexity of parts. Always looking for ways to not only to keep up with the complexity of the part but also How can we get better productivity out of our machines. We need to get faster turnaround on parts as life gets more demanding.

A couple of months I had a customer call looking for 450 stainless parts made with a extremely tight deadline. At that point we did not have a bar puller all our work up until then had been large parts that needed to be cut in a bandsaw and clamped in a three jaw chuck.
There was no time to buy a spindle liner and a bar puller and still meet the deadline. So with a bit of head scratching I sat down and designed my own spindle liner and my own bar puller that worked flawlessly. Programmed the cycle to bar pull. And we were of to the races.
A long story short within 6 hrs into the next business day we were able to do a partial delivery on those parts and 3 hrs more hrs of machining we did a complete delivery of the parts. So with 9 hrs total of Machining we were able to deliver his parts. And a satisfied customer.

With a nice bit of innovation and a good dose of common sense we can serve you fast, economically, efficiently and satisfactorily.

Just a little piece of news from:
Dales Machining


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